December 22, 2020

Third Time’s The Charm

It’s not always easy to find paradise on the first try. For the Campbells, finding their coastal dream home took several tries and several years.

Originally from Eagle Lake, Texas, Alan and Sandra Campbell built their first coastal home in Port O’Connor. It seemed ideal. Alan is an avid fisherman and Sandra loves being near the water; the couple thought they had it all. But when the lot in front of their house was sold, the buyer built right in front of the Campbells’ home, totally obstructing their view of the beach and the water.

For Alan and Sandra the question became, “What good is it to have a coastal home if you can’t even see the water?” So, the couple sold their Port O’Connor place and went back to living inland.

But as lifelong lovers of coastal living, the draw of having a home on the coast was strong, and soon Alan and Sandra were looking for another beachfront property.

This time it was the Texas Gulf Coast. More specifically, Key Allegro in Rockport.

While they loved Rockport and the beach, the house had been built decades earlier and was in need of a lot of TLC, including repairs and renovations to the plumbing and electrical. Since the couple had already been retired for several years, the last thing they wanted to do was to spend their time and money on a fixer‑upper. And so, house number two became more of a burden than a benefit and, once again, they sold their coastal home.

Fate seemed to be conspiring against the Campbells until they stumbled upon the Islands of Rockport.

Finally, their coastal dream home was within reach! The Islands of Rockport offered everything Alan and Sandra had been looking for. It gave them the opportunity to build a brand new home, customized exactly the way they wanted it. The couple brought in the developer of their choice to build their coastal cottage, and with its location directly on the water, no one can build in front of them.

While many couples in retirement take it easy, the Campbells are simultaneously building another retirement home in Victoria, Texas. However, they are most excited about their waterfront cottage at the Islands of Rockport.

“We are thrilled about having a truly coastal cottage at last,” said Sandra. “What’s more, we’re proud of living in such a beautiful community. The landscaping is impeccable, the pool is spectacular and we love the clubhouse!”

Making new friends is also a big attraction, as Alan explains. “The Islands of Rockport is a community comprised of people with the same mindset. They love the water and want to forge new connections. No matter where you’re from, you’ll find people like you here.” An added benefit of such a community is that it’s securely gated.

The biggest draw of all for Alan, though, has been the lure of 24/7/365 access to great fishing. With a home right on the water, the Campbells are never more than a few steps away from their favorite, relaxing pastime.

Indeed, the Islands of Rockport has it all: year‑round fishing, the security of a gated community, the ability to make friends with like‑minded neighbors and a beautiful custom built, low maintenance home. Simply put, it’s a place that provides the lifestyle the Campbells want in a location that allows them to pursue their dreams full time.