November 24, 2020

The Coastal Catch of a Lifetime

Longtime Houstonians Bruce and Marina Jefferis began dreaming about coastal living some 25 years ago when their three children were still in elementary school. Marina had always wanted a place on the water where family and friends could get together, and Bruce was an avid fisherman. In fact, the lure of saltwater fishing was a lifelong passion for him.

waterfront home

“Fishing has always been a part of my life and part of our kid’s lives,” said Bruce. “The idea of having a home on the water where we could make great family memories and enjoy our favorite pastime together was really appealing.”

But, as they say, life is what happens when you’re making plans. And so, Bruce and Marina’s dream of a home on the coast got put on the back burner until five years ago when they received a postcard in the mail that changed their lives.

It was a postcard from the Islands of Rockport.

The postcard talked about how the Islands of Rockport community is nestled on the clear blue waters of Estes Flats/Redfish Bay, and how it combines the relaxed elegance of modern coastal living with the convenience of stepping outside your back door for the best boating and fishing action on the coast. It was definitely a waterfront community like no other.

Though they had not considered homes for sale in Rockport that was enough to pique their interest. The couple jumped in the car and drove to Rockport the very same day.

Bruce and Marina loved the idea of a home near Estes Flats for both practical and aesthetic reasons. The location offered beautiful views of the water and was well‑protected from the prevailing winds, so there was no worrying about rough waves when going kayaking or out on a small boat.

Then, there were the attractions of Rockport itself. “It’s one of the best little towns on the Gulf Coast,” said Marina. “Rockport has a family feel to it. Plus, it has an arts community and isn’t commercial like a lot of other places along the coast.”

The couple immediately fell in love with the Islands of Rockport. They bought their lot at the end of a cul‑de‑sac and began designing their dream home with an architect. The couple chose a unique wedge shaped structure that had a narrow front yard and a wide back yard featuring both upper and lower decks on the water. To accommodate their three grown children, three grandkids and visiting friends, the home has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 2 half baths.

“It’s a fantastic way for the whole family to be together for several days or longer,” said Marina. “And such a cozy family escape. We have all the space we need for our kids and our grandkids and all the activities to make everyone happy. Everything we were looking for came true right here!”

While the new home in Rockport is mainly about having family and friends enjoy the many rewarding experiences of the Islands of Rockport, fishing comes in at a very close second.

“It’s just a wonderful feeling being on the water, watching the sun rise every day,” said Bruce. “And for fishing, it’s unbeatable. Estes Flats is next door and Port Aransas is only twenty minutes by boat. It’s a super combination. We’ve got our boats out back, so we can, at any time, run out and do a little fishing or cruising.”

Even Marina is now an enthusiastic angler. Recently, one of the couple’s new neighbors at the community gave her a pink fishing pole as a present.

“I love going out on the water,” said Marina. “Although I’m not a fisherman, I’ve got a new a new pink fishing pole that I use when Bruce and I go out on the boat.”

For the Jefferis family, their 25‑year‑long dream has finally become a reality.

waterfront home