October 7, 2020

Finding A Forever Home

Everyone loves the familiar, especially when the place that’s close to our hearts is a beautiful community that fits perfectly into our lifestyle. That was the case of Stephen and Sharon Fisher, medical‑industry professionals most recently from Houston who have a long history with Rockport.

For many years, they have spent time relaxing and enjoying everything that Rockport has to offer. In fact, they have so embraced the magic of the area that they were married at the lovely Crane House Retreat. With such strong ties to the community, they knew it was the right place to build their “forever home.”

Unlike many people seeking real estate, the couple had no need of a long search for a spot to build their home – it was love at first sight. Stephen, an avid photographer, had been watching the Islands in the initial phases of development and it immediately peaked the couple’s interest. They looked through the community until they found The Islands and knew they had a match.

The effortless restfulness of Rockport infused every step of the process for the Fishers, from sighting the lot to move‑in day. Building their home with Ethan Wells was a smooth, pleasant and positive journey for the couple. At the end of the day, they had a house they adore and a view they can’t get enough of.

In addition, the couple loves the strong sense of community, the collaborative and pleasant neighbors, and the tasteful and subtle design style that permeates the entire community. For Stephen and Sharon, it became very clear that they are exactly where they want to be.

Today, Stephen is retired and lives with Sharon in their dream home. He pursues his love for photography in the bird‑rich coastal preserves and broad vistas of the Texas Coast, and both Sharon and Stephen are able to access the bustling metropolis of Houston whenever they want to take advantage of the culture, dining and shopping of the city.

For this lucky couple, Rockport is a dream come true.

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