April 15, 2020

Making Island Time A Full Time Pleasure

While living in Waco, Texas, avid kayakers Stu and Lisa Millard used to take every opportunity to get away to Rockport to enjoy their favorite pastime and the carefree feeling that comes with “island time”.

Then, in 2015, the couple decided to take island time full time and get a house on the coast.

Right from the start, their location of choice was the Rockport area. “The coastal breeze, the palm trees, the pace of living….it’s all so relaxing here,” said Stu. “You’re on island time and everything moves a little slower.”


For years, Stu and Lisa had stayed at the Lighthouse Inn in Rockport. In fact, they were married there. They loved the natural beauty of the area as well as the abundance of great restaurants and cultural activities. Lisa is a retired High School art teacher. So, the arts community was an added bonus. The couple explored a few options in the area. However, they found they’d have to remodel many of the houses in order to get the home they truly wanted.

In the end, all it took was one visit to the Islands of Rockport. “We decided that we really wanted to build our dream coastal home,” said Lisa. “And the Islands of Rockport had absolutely everything on our wish list – from a waterfront location to proximity to cultural activities, restaurants and great amenities.”

With their minds set on the Islands of Rockport, Stu and Lisa jumped right in and began an easy journey to island living. “The buying process was simple and easy,” said Stu. “We had our choice of lots and builders. The people at the Islands of Rockport helped with information on financing options from local banks, which made the process even more seamless. They even helped us sell our Waco home.”

Built in the coastal style the couple loves, the new home is designed with three beautiful bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an artist’s studio with a bay window, where Lisa creates paintings of the Gulf and the dolphins that play in the waters around them. “We designed our coastal home for the views,’ said Lisa. “Upstairs we have 180 degree views of the Gulf of Mexico and a balcony outside the master bedroom. We see these incredible sunrises over the bay in the morning and breathtaking sunsets in the evening.”

While the word “restrictions” usually has negative connotation, for the Millards, the building restrictions at the Islands of Rockport were a big positive. “The entire community is cohesive, with every home having that coastal palette we love so much,” said Lisa. “It really makes for a great, consistent look and feel.” Another plus that the couple appreciates is the Clubhouse, which they use for entertaining friends and family – this is ideal considering the couple has 5 grown boys, 5 grandchildren and a new grandchild on the way.

So what do Stu and Lisa do with their time now that they are on island time?
“Most of all, we launch our kayaks right outside the back door of our home,” said the couple. “And paddle to the nearby barrier islands with dolphins swimming along beside us”.

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