January 29, 2024

Rockport’s Year-Round Fun: Discover the Excitement!

Nestled along the Texas coast, Rockport is not just a picturesque destination with serene beaches and fantastic fishing. It’s a town that comes alive throughout the year with a vibrant tapestry of exciting events, showcasing the heart and soul of the community. From cultural celebrations to outdoor extravaganzas, each season in Rockport offers a unique and unforgettable experience.



Kicking off the season with excitement, the Fulton Oysterfest takes center stage, bringing thrilling carnival rides, unique shops, and the adrenaline‑pumping Oyster Eating Contest to the festival grounds.

March then sees the lively Crawfish Festival, a culinary delight during the Spring Break weekend. Teams compete to offer the tastiest crawfish, providing an all‑you‑can‑eat experience or the option to purchase by the pound. Fabulous headliners for live music and an array of beer and wine vendors add to the celebration of flavors, music, and community spirit.

crab racing


Art takes the spotlight in July during the Rockport Art Festival. This artistic extravaganza features over 100 vendors from all over, showcasing their creations against the coastal landscape. As one of the biggest art showcasing events, it’s a feast for art enthusiasts, providing a platform for diverse artists to share their talents with the community.

Adding to the summer charm, don’t miss the breathtaking 4th of July fireworks hosted by Wendell Fireworks over Little Bay. Lighting up the night sky, this dazzling display is a community favorite, creating a memorable and patriotic celebration for residents and visitors alike.


A Ruby‑throated Hummingbird Hovering in front of a Flower


Embracing fall colors, Rockport hosts the HummerBird Celebration, drawing bird enthusiasts and nature lovers to witness the migration of hummingbirds. Educational events, workshops, and guided birding tours make this celebration a unique and awe‑inspiring experience. Fall also brings the Rockport Film Festival, where independent cinema takes center stage.

October sees the annual Seafair, a lively event by the Rockport Chamber of Commerce. With live music, beer, wine, carnival activities, games, crab races, contests, and an abundance of shopping and food vendors, Seafair is a community celebration that offers something for everyone.

Don’t forget the Rockport Wine Festival, a delightful addition to the fall festivities. Immerse yourself in the world of fine wines, exquisite flavors, and the warmth of community spirit, making this event a must‑attend for wine enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of Rockport’s unique charm.


rockport beach


Even in winter, Rockport captivates locals and tourists alike transforming the town into a winter wonderland with dazzling lights, holiday markets, and cheerful celebrations. Additionally, Christmas on the Beach showcases the creative spirit of local organizations, as they adorn the local beach with displays of Christmas decorations.

Island of Rockport

Monthly Activities:

Rockport buzzes with monthly events, including Market Days, Farmers Markets, and Makers Markets. These gatherings offer a perfect opportunity to explore local crafts, fresh produce, and unique creations, fostering a sense of community throughout the year.

Rockport’s year‑round events showcase the town’s diverse and vibrant community spirit. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, each season offers a delightful array of experiences, from culinary delights and cultural celebrations to live music, festive displays, and exquisite wine tastings. Come, savor the seasons with us in Rockport – where every event is a celebration of life, community, and the unique charm of our coastal town.

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